A Play in a Day!
A full day workshop for one class specifically devised to encourage storytelling skills and to develop the children’s confidence in performing. Suitable at the beginning of a topic to stimulate your creative juices or at the end of a topic to consolidate all you have learned!  These days can be tailored to your specific requirements on themes of your choice or on the following themes:-

Greek Theatre/ Greek Myths
Our actor will work with one class to prepare a half hour Greek Theatre performance on the theme of a favourite Greek Myth, using masks, costumes and improvisation which will then be performed in the afternoon  to the whole school or to a selected group of parents and pupils. This is a chance for pupils to build upon their knowledge of Greek Theatre and Greek Myths. All costumes and masks will be provided.

Traditional Tales
Our actor will work with a class to prepare through improvisation and with the use of costumes and props a half hour performance on the theme of Traditional stories and Fairytales. As above they will then perform their play to an audience of invited guests in the afternoon. This can be used to support your work on storytelling or as a one off celebration for example for May Day or as part of your School Centenary Celebrations.

Tudor/ Elizabethan
Our actor will work with one class on creating a performance summarising the major events and happenings of the Tudor/ Elizabethan period. The children will learn some songs and a Tudor dance and will finally perform their play to an audience of invited guests.

World War II
Our actor will work with a class on creating an improvised play outlining the major events of World War II. The themes of evacuation, separation, rationing and the Blitz will be covered. The children will also learn a number of popular songs of the period which they will intersperse within their performance. Once again this can be performed at the end of the day to an audience of invited guests.

Costs for an all day “Play in a day” event is £400 plus VAT


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