We meet Noah who tells us his story of the Great Flood and how he built the Ark to save his family and all the animals that we know today. Children will be chosen for the parts of Mrs Noah, their three sons; Ham, Shem, and Japhet and their three wives, as well as twelve pairs of animals. All children will participate in songs and join in creating a musical accompaniment to bring the story to life in an imaginative and thought provoking way.

Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot

First we meet Guy Fawkes who mistakes the children for his fellow conspirators, he tells them about himself and the reasons for plotting against the Crown. He then gets some children to dress up as his compatriots and to swear an oath of secrecy. Together they set about preparing the Gun Powder Plot but are caught in the act! Next we meet a soldier who captures Guy Fawkes and then he tells us about the events that lead up to the capture and the discovery of the Gun Powder Plot. He enlists some children as his fellow guards to seek the remaining conspirators. Finally we meet the judge who tells us the true fate of Guy Fawkes and his gang. The actor then comes on dressed for the November 5th celebrations. What is the connection..?

Samuel Pepys and The Great Fire of London

We meet Samuel Pepys who gives us an eyewitness account of The Great Fire of London, giving us an understanding of how and where the fire broke out and the correct sequence of events. Samuel also tells us about his life and his job giving us some insight into life in London at the time (1660's during the Restoration). Some children will be dressed up in costume of the period to represent a variety of characters and their place in the history of The Great Fire of London. There will also be a song.

Neil Armstrong and Space and the Moon Landings

We meet Neil Armstrong the famed Astronaut who tells us about his mission to the Moon and the famous Moon walk! He teaches the children in a fun, interactive way about the history of space travel and the infinite wonders of the Universe.

A Victorian Seaside Promenade

A fun day at the Seaside with Billy Sweeney where the children will enjoy all the fun of the seaside with traditional Punch and Judy, a Victorian swim suit competition and end of Pier jokes and sing-a-long to some classic Victorian Variety tunes. Expect a few surprises!

Medieval Knights and Castles
We meet Sir Richard de Winter, a Knight of Old who gives us an insight into the life of a Medieval Knight. He enrolls some children as his "page" and "squire" and starts them on their training involving them in, among other things, a mock joust. He then talks us through life in a Medieval Castle and dresses some children in costumes ready for a banquet complete with court jesters and minstrels!

Pirates, Smugglers and the Deep Blue Sea

We meet Wiley Wilson, Captain of the "Sea Dog" who enlists some children as his crew! With the help of the children he explains what life is like on board a pirate ship, the jobs to be done and the Dangers to be met! He tells us stories of life on the open sea, of Pirates and Smugglers and the rogues and characters to be met along the way! The children will be taught a pirate song and a simple pirate jig.

‚ÄčOur Grandparents

We meet Grandad who reminisces about life in the past. He tells us about hhis experiences of World War 2 through the eyes of a child, the '50's '60's and 70's.
He dresses some children with a costume from each decade and we have a song or a dance in each of the different decades. This is a very visual, vibrant show which uses music, both live and recorded, artefacts and costumes to teach children about life in the recent past.
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